In this article, we cover the second part of our two part series. We will create a React Native application that makes use of the Firebase Cloud Function that we created in the first part. Here I will cover building the application in detail. If you want to skip ahead to the finish line, the full code is available here.

What is React Native?

React Native lets coders develop applications for both Android and iOS with just one codebase. React Native applications are built using JavaScript or TypeScript, which simplifies the transition to mobile development for web developers. …

Artificial intelligence is getting increasingly popular year by year. One thing fueling this trend are services such as Google Cloud Vision API, which make it straightforward to add AI capabilities to your apps.

In this article, we cover how to use Google Cloud Vision API’s AI with Firebase Cloud Functions. Even though you’ll need to enable billing with a credit/debit card during this guide, the project will be free to create and run. In the next article of this two-part guide, we’ll build on the foundation laid here by adding React Native to the mix. …

Mathias Rahikainen

Full Stack Developer and Consultant at Acelvia, where we build web and mobile apps for our awesome customers. We’re always interested in taking on new projects.

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